Friday, February 06, 2009

Get off of my needles....

...and onto my feet.

This pair of socks was cast on sometime in November. I didn't enter it into Ravelry until this Tuesday, and the only time I blogged it was in a picture of all my recently started projects. Perhaps because I'd already knit a pair in this yarn, they generated less excitement and fervour.

I had initially planned to do a chevron pattern, but these socks were happy just to be stripes. They sat in my knitting bag, and were the pair I grabbed whenever I had a need of mindless knitting. I know I turned the heels in early December at a school holiday singalong. Most of December and January was filled with projects that demanded my love and attention, and these socks have been quiet and solid in the background.

As of Monday, I decided I needed them OFF THE NEEDLES and launched into a determined effort to finish them up. On Monday I was about an inch above the heels. I bound off these suckers last night, wove in the ends this morning, and yes, they feel absolutely lovely on my feet.

Let us once again admire these precise stripes. I can't say enough good things about sKnitches and the lovely dye efforts to bring me such beautiful stripes. Also? Two complete pairs out of one skein. One pair for my daughter, who needs slimmer socks, but still a great deal of length, plus a full sized pair for me.

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