Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm out of yarn.

Well. I used the 55 gram and the 45 gram ball pictured in the previous post. I'm 2.25 inches shy of finishing these longies and I'm out of yarn. I guess I'll be dipping into that third ball. Good thing I didn't try to make these with just one 100 gram skein!

Like I said, the previous pair of longies weighed 91 grams. The current pair is knitted at the same gauge, but is going flagrantly over 91 grams! This is me, learning that weights aren't comparable from yarn to yarn.

With the last set of longies, I knit each leg one at a time. This time I ventured into two at a time, since I do that with socks always, and have found it a very favourable process.

Tonight I talked to the new mama, and heard that the new baby is doing well, and is doing her business quite reliably on her new diapers. She's way too small right now for these longies, but we all know that will change way too fast.


randi K design said...

This is what I need to make for my grandson...,but hesitating...

Knitika said...

They're really a quick knit. Of course, if you do your gorgeous colourwork, they won't be that fast. But I still find them fun. Good luck!