Monday, February 08, 2010

Swatching for Jeanie

While knitting on the clapotis, I seriously began to dream of Jeanie. The dropped stitches remind me of Jeanie's elegant dropped stitches, and while I loved the clapotis, I missed Jeanie's reversibility.

One of the biggest troubles I recall with Jeanie was the caston, and then going back to knit on the lower edging. My provisional caston made it so my lower edge didn't quite align. I've begun to ponder better ways to do this, and so tonight I swatched, but not in the target yarn.

The following swatch was created by using Judy's Magic Caston, and then knitting stockinette stitch from both ends. The caston was done smack in the middle of this rectangle.

Then I dropped a stitch, to see if the Magic Caston hinders dropping a stitch. Look! It doesn't hinder! The column of stitches dropped through the magic caston just fine.

I may just have to start Jeanie with a Magic Caston, and do the lower edging before getting very far, so I can verify that it'll all work before I've knit an entire Jeanie.

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