Thursday, February 18, 2010

Suddenly Skewed

Last week, Knitty published the new pattern, Skew. Now I had already made knitting plans for the weekend, which involved my Teenage Drama Queen Gothsocks and a different pattern. But I dropped everything for Skew. That seductive heel just pulled me in!

I cast on at 7pm, to coincide with the start of the Olympics. This meant casting on at the theatre, while waiting for Swan Lake to begin. Swan Lake (which was stunningly fabulous) happened to have two intermissions, which allowed a wee bit of progress

I knit through the weekend, and finished Monday evening. Oh how I love these socks! The bias of the knit fabric makes them fit very snugly. They might be my best-fitting socks ever.

Pattern: Skew
Yarn: Ohmygoth in Teenage Drama Queen (Jan 2010 club yarn)
Needle: knit picks circular size 2 and size 1
Dates: Feb 12-15, 2010
Modifications: None. Freaking awesome pattern.
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Amy said...

amazing! I saw this pattern and feel in love with it, too. I was wondering how comfortable the socks would be on the bias, though. Now that it gets your stamp of approval; I might just try to knit me some. Although I have fat ankles, so I wonder if a snug sock wouldn't work for me?