Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Setback

Well. As part of the Ravelympics, I decided to enter the event "Wipsdancing" for Team Utah. "Wipsdancing" is the effort to finish works-in-progress, and these works must have been dormant for at least a month. I decided I need to work on my St. Peter Port socks, because they've been languishing for so long. The Team Utah is only working on projects by Utah designers, and these socks qualify, being a Nancy Bush design.

It's hard to get going on these socks, I just am not motivated. It might be that the first sock has a merely mediocre fit. The heel is really lousy. But I finished the second sock's heel early this week, which was a feat in itself. Then I avoided knitting all week long. Today I powered through sock two and finished while watching speed skating late tonight.

Then I tried them on.

Something is horribly wrong. One foot fit okay. The other was way too huge. Careful examination revealed that the second sock, while knit the same number of stitches, was significantly bigger. The only explanation I have is that the first sock was knitted on a smaller needle. I did take sock #2 off the needles and put them on a holder for a while. But I measured the needle I used for sock #2 and it's definately a size one. Does this mean I have two size one needles that are two different sizes? Significantly different sized? It's really puzzling. But the second sock is unwearable. And I may just rip out these socks. There is no joy left in them.

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