Sunday, February 21, 2010

New toy!

A couple weeks ago, I drove a half an hour to a yarn store I'd never before visited. It was very luscious! Lots of familiar names in yummy yarns. But my real reason for the visit there was to acquire for myself one of the famous Hiya Hiya 9" circular needles. I've read about them a lot on Ravelry, and some people hate them, and some love them. I suspected I would be in the hate-them camp, seeing as 40" circular magic loop works so well for me. But tonight I cast on a mitten with my new 9" circular, and discovered that I love it. It really does work well, you just knit round and round and round.

Sadly, I really need a size 1; this cuff is too loose. Time for another trip to the yarn store!

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Amy said...

so, my new question is this - would these work for the skew sock? Because I bought some of these needles last year at the yarn expo and have never used them (aside from the display table in which I loved them). I was planning on using them for the first time with the skew socks, but then I read that at one point you'll have 105 stitches on your needle and I'm curious if that will fit. I wound my yarn up last night, then was so tired after a full weekend that I went to bed. So tonight, I will be knitting. It's been a while - I go through spurts.