Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really Truly Totally Off the Needles

The Olympic WIP socks are DONE. It was no small matter, either!

While redoing the foot on sock #2, I remembered that I had planned to double strand the toes, just like I had the heels. So I went ahead and knit the toe double-stranded. Which meant that when I was done toe #2, I had to rip out toe #1 and redo it double stranded. As if I wasn't sick to death of these socks already! As I was reknitting toe #1, I recalled that I had previously finished sock #1 only to find it too small, and had ripped out it for more length. So I have knit a total of 5 toes for these 2 socks.

When I take more photos of the finished object, I'll take photos of the heel. The heels fit with a big bump of knitted fabric pointing out where fabric shouldn't be. That's my punishment for trying a new heel: a rotten heel.

But! Both socks are now the same size, and with the exception of the heel, the right size.

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