Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last June, on I-90 west of Coeur D'Alene, I finished my Pirate Longies and started a pair of fingerless gloves. When I started knitting, I discovered that I had grabbed the wrong black contrast yarn, and I had a DK weight yarn instead of a fingering weight. Being on the road, there was no accessing the right yarn, so I just proceeded.

Unfortunately, the wrong yarn bugged me, yet I knitted on. Turns out that the fingerless gloves I thought I was knitting, and the fingerless gloves my daughter thought I was knitting were not the same pair. Once she had convinced me to really knit her the pair she wanted, not the pair I wanted to knit, it became obvious that the cuffs I'd knit just weren't appropriate. Plus, there was that DK-weight thing still bugging me. So I finished knitting the gloves, then went back and removed the old cuffs and added new cuffs.

I had hoped to use up the ball of DitsyGoth Gothsocks, but for what she wanted, it only used up half. I still have 25 grams left, enough to make one more identical pair of gloves, if I were so inclined. But I'm not.

Lucky grrl, she got my only recent Finished Objects, and both from delicious yarn from Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs.

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