Monday, July 06, 2009


The first time I shopped at Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs, I just opened up their Etsy shop, found yarn I adored, and bought it. Now it's not quite so easy. Etsy stalking is involved. If you don't buy the yarn in less than a minute, you probably won't get it. (They have an update coming this Wednesday at 10amPDT, just sayin.)

I think I also might have been lucky enough to get one of the last custom orders. I know that right now, they're so busy preparing for Sock Summit, that no custom orders are happening for some time. A couple months ago, I bought some fingering weight Disco Dollies. I really wanted it in worsted weight, and now, lookee, I've got some! I think I'll cast on tonight.

And if that weren't exciting enough, there's also Barbie's Dark Side, all soft and yummy and pettable and oooooooh in Cashmere/Merino with a little nylon thrown in for strength. OHMYGOTH!

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Amy said...

That is b.e.a.u.tiful yarn! I haven't seemed to want to knit lately ... maybe it's the hot and sticky GA summer, or maybe it's because I won't let myself knit anything until I get a dishcloth done for a teacher that I started 2 months ago. I HATE knitting with 100% cotton, it has no give and hurts my hands. Sorry for the rant. :)