Monday, July 20, 2009

Unfortunately, Valerie's witches wimple collapsed.

I was knitblog surfing. I've already forgotten where. I saw a meme that was cute, so I copied it. You google 'unfortunately [your name]' and see the results. It was amusing. Valerie, apparently, is so far from unique.

1. Unfortunately, Valerie Hemingway's account of her own history and thought leaves much to be desired.

2. Unfortunately Valerie's witches' wimple collapsed as she cast her spell.

3. Unfortunately, Valerie and David soon found out that they would never be together.

4. Unfortunately, Valerie's story is far from unique -and there are lots of Valeries still sitting home.

5. Unfortunately Valerie Cruz is far too dewy-eyed to make a convincing hardcore cop -- she's completely eclipsed by the hilarious Claudia Black in "Other Dick."

6. Unfortunately Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is not currently available to Watch Online.

7. Unfortunately, Valerie's situation is all too common - in fact, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Donald Trump and Henry J. Heinz all filed for bankruptcy at some point in their lives.

8. Unfortunately, Valerie overheard the disparaging remarks made about her by Kim and Diane.

9. Unfortunately, Valerie had already promised to attend a Bible study class with her sister.

10. Unfortunately, Valerie soon discovered that the cost she would incur to have the wedding of her dreams was way too much for her budget.

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