Thursday, February 10, 2011

Once locked, now open over there

two worlds once parted,
there, now sewn together 
with the past behind us.
-John and Mary

The legs of these socks have been very slow going. The cablework eats up both yarn and time. And not only have I had other projects pushing them out of the way, but the intricate detail requires dedicated attention. I can't knit on these and watch Doctor Who, and there's been quite a lot of watching Doctor Who around here lately.

I finally finished the 2nd leg, and turned that second heel. Then the socks' requirements with regards to speed and attention completely changed. The plain knitting of the foot speeds by. Seriously, I knit 3 inches on 2 socks just tonight. The socks are now being knit together, to ensure that both are the same length in the foot. In the legs, since the distance is measured in cable repeats, it's easy to make sure they match. On the feet, since it's just a sea of plain knitting, there are no place markers. Knitting them together eliminates any pesky counting or measuring.

Also? I think there's a camera hog in the house.

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JelliDonut said...

That's a great pattern!