Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skewed Skew

At what point should a project be abandoned? At what point does the heartache and frustration outweigh the joy of the process and the joy of the finished object?

These questions have been looming large recently. I returned to a skew-in-progress that has been in time out since October. I have knit the skew pattern four different times, and while it's involved, it's not all that tricky, so I do not understand how it is that I continue to mess it up.  This grey pair was in time-out for having been the cause of a great deal of redo.

I already have one sock finished. It's the 2nd sock that is not cooperating. The previous attempt was completely ripped out, and I started over with the correct needle size. When the sock was big enough, I switched from magic looping to a 9" circular. At that point, I made a critical error. When you're actually doing the increases, it's too close to see any misalignment, so that's how I got a good 2 inches past the error without noticing.

At the point where I switched needles, I accidentally moved the centre of the row one stitch to the right. This shifted the central column of stitches, making the skew sock rather skewed.

No, seriously. I have screwed up this sock yet again.

Time-out lasted about a week. I ripped it down last night and have started progressing on this again. With the column correctly aligned.

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