Saturday, October 31, 2009

Socks, socks, socks

Okay, yes, I have a lot of unfinished socks still lurking about. And, look, oh dear, three of them are the same as the last time I examined my Unfinished Objects. At least the St. Peter Port Stripes are onto the second heel. I'll progress on them when my next two pair are finished. The Hiiumaas haven't progressed at all, but I have decided not to rip out the heel. See? Procrastinate long enough, and the motivation will vanish. I'll work on them on the next road trip. The spaghetti socks haven't progressed, either, and will absolutely have to be ripped out. I can see getting back to them after Christmas. And snuck in there is another little project. I want some 'plain knitting' socks, which they will be after a little bit of effort. But December is approaching, so I started working on the Kai-Meis instead.

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