Friday, November 06, 2009

Acquistions, knitting, and a knitting injury

Things like work and ballet carpools and vet visits and other such adventures habitually dominate my life. For weeks, I've had this delightful book held for me at the yarn store, but no time with the car to actually go get it. On Wednesday I had a forced emergency voyage downtown in late afternoon, so I managed to make a stop at the store and finally get the book in my hot little hands. Made in Brooklyn by Jared Flood is now in my collection. Hooray!

Today I managed to get a great deal of sympathy over my finger injury. Blue bruising and red swelling make for serious owiness. It's actually just blue for Sapphire Sparkle Stardust and red for red Cascade 220, both of which are dying my fingers as I knit.

I have been a knitting fiend all week long. I worked with great diligence on these socks all week, and tonight, they are complete! They are way too big for my daughter, who is modeling them here.

I'm planning a photo shoot for this weekend, if I can, to attempt to capture the beauteamousness of these socks. I do believe they are my very favourite socks ever. The yarn and the pattern are a perfect match.

Next up is gift socks #2. But instead of starting them, I got diverted with a hat. I really wanted to try that famous hat pattern from that Flood book, and I need a hat to donate for the knitting circle next weekend. I figured a little recreational hat-knitting would be a refreshing break between fiendish gift-sock-knitting.

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Priscilla said...

I haven't blogged about it yet, but last month, I got to meet Jared Flood at my lys and get my copy of his book signed. He seemed very nice, even though I only got to spend maybe 2 minutes with him! Are you going to make the hat on the cover? That is going to be my first project from the book, if I ever get the endless list of WIPs finished.