Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm getting tired of this

My daughter wanted neon ankle socks in two different colours with a butterfly on the ankle. The butterfly is from the Kai-Mei pattern I just finished.

I started with a picot top and Bordhi's sky-sock construction. My daughter thought the butterfly was upside down. That meant I needed to knit toe-up.

an unfinished orange sock cuff with a butterfly embellishment
With the second try, I got the butterfly right. I used Bordhi's sidestream pattern.

a bright green ankle sock with butterfly embellishment
The sidestream pattern wasn't right for this sock. It made the sock all weirdly shaped and the butterfly was squashed. Also, the picot on the toe-up construction didn't lie right.

a green ankle sock with a garter-stitch triangle gusset
Next up I did a standard short-row heel. This roll-top is still awaiting her approval.

an orange sock with a butterfly embellishment on the ankle and a green heel
I like that she wants socks, but it's really challenging to match both available yarn and my knitting abilities to the things she invents in her brain. I'd love to crank out exactly what she imagines, but it's just not that easy.

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