Sunday, November 29, 2009

don't stop cookin cause i feel alright now

Well, after ordering yarn last Friday, I worked very hard on finishing the Smooshy socks in progress, so they'd be done before I got diverted to the next project. I've not finished them yet, but I think they're tall enough to start the cuff. And even with another project to love, these still get some attention.

socks knit toe-up, still on the needles, nearly finished, in charcoal grey

As soon as the Noro was in my hot little hands on Wednesday, I started on a scarf. It really is as addictive as all the other knitters say.

a striped scarf in progress, rolled up, sitting beside two cakes of yarn

Help! I've started knitting a scarf and I can't stop!

a striped scarf in progress, stretched out to about three feet in length


Amy said...

I LOVE, love, love, LOVE that scarf! Is it as soft as it looks?

Knitika said...

Thank you! I love love love it, too. It's not really all that soft, though. I'm gonna soak it in something to see if that makes it a little snugglier. I'm also picking out little bits as I knit, and once totally gave myself a sliver on a stray bit hidden in the yarn.