Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't bug me

People, people, I am on a schedule here! I have a knit-along to complete, plus I'm expecting some delicious yarn in the mail, and plan to cast on the moment it arrives.

So I have no time for diversions!

Uhm, that said, I have no real good explanation for this little sock. I knit it up Wednesday night out of leftover Duet Sock Yarn, and attached a travel bug tag. This makes it a trackable item that travels about in geocaches. Sadly, when you send travel bugs out into the world, you have to have low expectations, and be understanding that they may well disappear, but the excitement of watching a travel bug travel successfully means that I'll still send them out. Its travel page is here.

And then on Friday night, I finished up the last leg on this alien. It's been in progress for ages. I added a bilingual mission tag to explain what this alien's goals were, and the tag, and sewed them firmly into the little guy's hand. I knotted it in so many ways, that if some one tries to remove the tag, they'll probably ruin the alien's arm. Not that I want the alien ruined, but I wanted to make it less-rewarding to mess with its mission. And this one's travel page is here.

There was a mega geocaching event here in town this weekend, which is why I rushed these babies out into the world. They were sent to the event, where other cachers picked them up to take them to new destinations.

Okay, distractions over, back to sock knitting!

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