Monday, June 01, 2009

Stuck like a stuck thing

So I haven't been knitting lately, not much anyway. Mostly, I'm stuck. Here's a picture of many of the projects that are lurking about, unfinished. Not all of them have even made it to the blog, yet. There's so many of them that I can hardly start any new, but they're not progressing.

Starting at the left we have the St. Peter Port Stripes. A funny one to start with because they're not exactly stuck. Just slow moving. They're not holding my interest well, even though they're gorgeous.

Next are the spaghetti socks. Sadly, I think the heel area is too tight. It's something that's hard to tell when you try it on with just the heel done. As the socks get taller, it's more obvious that the short row heels are just too snug over the top of the foot. I'm so loathe to rip them out. Each heel is made with two strands of yellow yarn, and the yarn has been cut to the length of that heel. Knitting another heel will surely involve a different length of yarn. Thus, joining in the middle of a heel. I can't bring myself to face it.

Next are the Hiiumaa hybrids, which need to be ripped back. I'm a whuss about ripping back.

Next are two projects, one atop the other. The top are a pair of baby socks. They just need the ends woven in. I knit them for my new nephew. But they're thick and warm and it's, you know, almost summer. Below that is a cool mitten I started. I got mired.

Lastly, on the far right, my darling, my heartbreak. This is a pair of longies knit of the gorgeous Yarn Pirate yarn. It's not going well. See, I mixed up my numbers when I bought it, and I thought I was buying enough to make a pair of longies. I thought thirty bucks of yarn would make me a pair of longies. I'm not even knitting the largest size, and I'm going to run out of yarn before knitting much of the legs. I don't want shorties. I want longies. I'm going to have to rip them out and redo. Again, it upsets me because like the spaghetti socks, I've already cut the brown yarn. Now I'll have to cut it again for a different waistband for a smaller pair of longies. This means a possible join later. And no matter how nicely I work on my joins, they always show somehow. Spit joins, Russian joins, woven joins, woven-while-you-go joins, they all show up somehow. I do whatever I can to avoid joins. But I love the yarn. Love love love it.

Pretty kitty always shows up for pictures.

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Priscilla said...

You are in kind of a tough spot with those projects. I think I would be tempted to start something new if I were in your position. (I know, that's not much help!)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award over on my blog this morning.