Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Third time's a charm?

These longies will be utterly fabulous once they're done. They have to be. They've been nothing but trouble through the whole process. The first time they were too big and I was running out of yarn. I ripped them out and restarted them on a busy day full of commencement ceremonies. At some point in the process, I did a short row WRONG, and continued to repeat that error all through the longies. Only when I divided for the gusset did I notice that I was SEVEN STITCHES SHORT. That's when I realised I'd been doing the short rows as a k2tog, not as an encroachment. DUH. There's no recovering from that error, and I ripped them out and I'm working on them again. There were a few other downers, too, like leaving my knitting bag hanging in a bathroom stall at the commencement, and discovering the bag missing when I got home. By reviewing my pictures of the day, I could see at what point I was missing my bag, and returned back to the place to get the bag. I won't even get into the story of the bum on a bicycle who wouldn't leave me alone when all I wanted to do was work on the longies. I'll be actually seeing the baby shortly, hopefully they'll be done by then.

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randi K design said...

Sometimes it is just not gonna be easy..
You have my sympathy!