Saturday, May 10, 2008

a finished object!

I've been participating in the Sock-a-Month knit-along for over a year, now. I do like the regular discipline of ensuring that I finish at least a pair a month. My wavy socks, started in March, were slated to be my April pair. I didn't turn the heels until the final Sunday before April ended, but I still maintained high hopes of finishing them in time.

Unfortunately, as bedtime approached on April 30th and I was still knitting up the leg, it became increasingly obvious that I wasn't going to make the deadline. While examining my options, it became clear I had two choices: Miss the deadline, or cast off where I was, just so I could finish in April. The socks were at that moment as tall as crew socks, but I have noticed that the socks with a little extra height quickly become my favourites, so I really wanted to add a couple more inches to the socks. I finally admitted that finishing the socks too short was sheer foolishness and admitted defeat.

On May 1, I attended a band concert, and I had enough sitting time to finish the socks, and even did the bind off while enjoying high school jazz. I did a bindoff I believe was recommended by Bordhi, where you bindoff with two strands held together to give the cuff a braid-like appearance. It looked lovely but unfortunately was too tight.

The socks languished, finished but imperfect, since then. Today I was preparing to attend a knitting circle. I know it's a vanity, but I like to wear a pair of hand-knitted socks when I hang with knitting buddies. A peek in my drawer showed that all my hand-knitted socks were in the laundry! (Yes, I know what I'll be doing all weekend.) So I pulled out my finished but imperfect socks, ripped out the bindoff, and finished them with an EZ sewn bindoff. It took me 45 minutes, and I was able to wear the socks to the knitting circle. It's not really showing off, it's more like show-and-tell, or maybe like a group identification object, like the Red Hat Ladies and their red hats.

Pattern: wavy rib from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Architecture: Riverbed Architecture from New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Araucania sock yarn
Needle: Addi Turbo Size 2 circular
Notes: For the heel, I dropped down to a size 1 needle. This made a nice tight fabric for the heel. It also attempted to compensate for me knitting the foot a little long, but obviously didn't compensate enough, because when I look at the picture above, I can see the heel is a little baggy. These socks were my first try at a garter stitch toe, as shown in the picture below, and so far I'm pleased with the results.

Unfortunately, when worn, the wavy pattern disappears and it becomes rather blocky, instead.


jessica said...

They look just lovely! Pattern and coloruway go wonderfully together!

Knitika said...

Thank you! I'm very pleased with both!