Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life happens, too

Since I'm mired in a slow-knitting quarter (though I do have a finished object to show when the batteries charge), I just thought I'd poke my head into blog land, say hi, and share a few tales from the real world.


Yesterday afternoon, my daughter asked if she could have a brownie. I replied "Yes, if you eat three baby carrots, first." We both wandered upstairs to munch on baby carrots. She liked them so much she decided she didn't even want a brownie anymore and took the bag of carrots outside to share with all her friends. Go figure.

Last week, my 13 year old son announced somewhere around 7:30pm that we needed to make cookies for the bake sale tomorrow. Oh really? I whipped out my classic Better Homes and Gardens cookbook to look at a few ideas, and he decided that macaroons looked simple. Now I know that blending eggs to a soft peak and stiff peak and all that is not simple, but I didn't bother to squash his enthusiasm. Especially since we had all the ingredients on hand. The first step is to separate the eggs. He was familiar with the process, so he must have witnessed it at a friend's house, because I assure you, I don't separate eggs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. He wanted to try it, and the first egg went really well. I showed him how you separate them into a different bowl, so that if you goof up one egg, you don't contaminate the entire batch. The second egg... well he cracked that egg open and wouldn't you know? There was a yolk in both halves! I laughed so hard. What a time to get a double-yolked egg! Incredibly, although we had 2 yolk-escapage events, I was able to scoop them carefully out without incident, the egg whites were not contaminated, and we were able to acheive the proper peakage. There was an emergency call to my mother mid-process, but the line was busy! We had to proceed without advice and the macaroons turned out delicious.

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