Friday, May 23, 2008


Okay, so no yarn acquisitions to report, but a really good haul at the thrift store. I actually showed up there to find a simple too-small black t-shirt for the #1son for him to use for 80s Rocker Day at school. I succeeded.

Inspired by this flickr group, I browsed through the sheets at the thrift store. While I didn't find any fabulous sheets, I did find a pillow case that will make a perfect skirt for my grrlee. Although she's making the case for a sundress, which would also be lovely. Aaaaand, I also bought a wee skirt. The skirt is size 4, which doesn't fit anyone around here. But I'm such a sucker for those lovely fabrics that I just needed to bring it home with me. I might tailor it a little to fit a dollie, or chop it up to make knitted babes clothes, or even just hang on to it so I can admire its delicious fabric whenever the mood strikes.

Lastly, I found a fabulous skirt. Interestingly, its label declared it to be a size that I know for a fact that I cannot fit. Holding it up, I could tell it was generously sized and certainly not the size it claimed to be. I bought it without trying it on, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it's even a little big. I wish this could be my claim that I've dropped two sizes, but really it's just poor sizing on the part of the manufacturer.

ETA--After writing the above about sizes, it occurred to me that it's quite possible the skirt was designed to be worn low over the hips, which would explain why it's so wide. I'm just of the wrong fashion generation to even consider such a possibility. So it's not an error of sizing on the part of the manufacturer, it's just my lame fashion sense.

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