Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend update

I have spent the weekend glued to the computer, writing a brilliant paper assigning Library of Congress Subject Headings. I didn't make time for blogging, there was too much head banging and gnashing of teeth. I have just turned the paper in, and am about to head off to knit and watch a DVD with my #1Man. So here's a few notes from the week.

Black Friday--that's what they call this crazy shopping day here in the States. I used to aggressively shop the flyers, but I determined that too many deals were only available if I was at the store's door at 5am. I don't do shopping at 5am. This year, I was throwing out the flyers when I noticed a store had a sale on Webkinz. These are the hottest toys in the fourth grade. Naturally, my #1grrl wanted one, too. I told her she wasn't going to have some toy she had to log on to feed, and she assured me she didn't need to interact with it online, she just wanted the soft and fuzzy cuteness to hold. So she saved up her allowance and has been bugging me for a trip to the store to get her a WebKinz. We ventured out on Black Friday, and I was amazed we were able to not only get a parking spot, but she found the very Webkinz she wanted, the pug. The grrl has good taste. :)

While we were out anyway, we took a trip to the yarn store. Yarn stores are above all this Black Friday nonsense, and there were no special sales or deals to encourage rampant spending, but I managed to spend, anyway. I had gone in thinking about Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, but this merino was exceptionally soft, and the very perfect colour.

Also, I haven't yet shown the Lucky Lurker November yarn I received. She's starting a new club for 2008. I thought long and hard about rejoining, but I've discovered I'm not much of a club person. As fun as it is to await a yarny surprise in my mailbox, I'd rather spend that money on colourways I choose myself. Hopefully some other Lucky Lurker will get my spot and I'm sure they'll love it. Anyway, this is the November yarn, which is Duet XXL. This is one huge chunk of yarn! It's so soft, as always, and I would have loved to cast it on. When the holiday knitting madness is over, I'm casting on this yarn, and my Larkyarn.

My Candleflame shawl is making good progress. I'm afraid I haven't knit a stitch on it at all today, but that's okay. I managed four--count them, four!--repeats over the last week. Today's knitting breaks were all about the new merino pictured above. I swatched and swatched, working towards some good measurements for a hat for my dad.

That's the week. kthnxbai.

(edited to fix picture disasters)

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