Thursday, November 01, 2007

the one she loves, rubious red

Last night I picked out a CD for the late-night listen. As I put it in, I had this discussion...

Me: I want you to guess what CD I'm about to play
#1Man: You just want me to take a wild guess?
Me: You get one clue. The label.
#1Man: Oh, sure.
Me: Ryko
#1Man: John and Mary

That's right. He didn't even hesitate. I suppose it's not all that impressive, while we have a variety of discs published by Ryko, we don't have a zillion or anything. It just amuses me because I don't keep track of which labels release which CDs at all. While I could, tonight, rattle off every disc we own released by Ryko, simply because we had the conversation last night, I'll have forgotten in a week, and couldn't name the labels for my other CDs.

So. All my John and Mary CDs are out of print. But they're back together, making new discs, and performing. Look, I found a clip recorded this year of Claire's Scarf, from The Weedkiller's Daughter, which was last night's listen. It's live, which is cool, but I tell ya. On the CD version, you've got Mary Ramsey and Mary Margaret O'Hara howling like wolves. Now that's worth hearing.

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