Saturday, January 20, 2007

FO: recycled-mittens

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It was Tuesday night, and I was busily engaged in packing for my morning departure to Seattle. Or was I? Somehow in my packing I had seen my stack of felted sweaters, which I had actually felted to make diaper soakers, lo, so many years ago. I had a sudden overpowering urge to make mittens. The first sweater was a faire isle black-white-and-grey number that looked really cool. Unfortunately I botched the mittens and they were rather squat boomerang shapes. This pair came next, made from a nice wooly sweater I bought for its simplicity at an army surplus shop but I never wore, because it was too hot. I was dying to decorate them but couldn't locate my one and only felting needle. So I had to fly to Seattle wearing undecorated mittens. In Seattle, I stopped by the Weaving Works and bought a Fiber Trends Felting Kit. I got back to the hotel, ready to decorate.... but the kit lacked needles!!! The following day was a busy one, trying to get some sight-seeing in before I flew out, but I managed to get back to the Weaving Works to exchange the kit for a proper one. The next day, at home, I sat with my daughter while she watched the American Girl Molly movie, and needle felted on the decorations. The yarn is Paton's SWS. The mittens are toasty!

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