Sunday, January 28, 2007

A picture says a thousand words

Examine this picture. It tells many things. It may tell you things it doesn't tell me. Some of the important points I see in this picture are as follows:

1) I have a swift. It is a lovely swift! My father made it for me this last summer.

2) I have a ball winder. It is a lovely ball winder! My children gave it to me for Christmas.

3) Having a ball winder AND a swift together is marvelous. Much better than having either alone.

4) I am preparing to knit with Knitpicks's gossamer in blue jeans. This is a springy merino that is fabulous to knit with and wear.

5) I am blessed to have children who love to wind balls for me. This contributes to my quality of life. I can hand the yarn skeins to the slaves and have them returned to me in pleasingly plump center-pull balls. In the case of this skein, #1Daughter is preparing it to wind while I linger over my breakfast tea. She asks, "Can I really just break these knots?" as she removes the ties that hold it in a skein, and I assure her that she can. She proceeds, and then comments, "I just broke the yarn to get the tag off, too, that's okay, right?"

6) She broke the yarn in the middle of the skein!!!!! Have I mentioned how much I hate joins? How much stress they add to my knitting? What lengths I will go to in order to prevent any extra joins?

7) Here's the kicker: No one got hurt! That must have been some good tea, because I did not leap up and take her down.

8) It turned out not too badly. The break was near the end of the skein, so what's leftover shall be set aside in case I'm approaching the end of my project and I feel like I absolutely need more yarn. If that doesn't happen, it will probably become some shawl for a knitted babe.

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