Wednesday, December 27, 2006

finished objects

I've been knitting like mad, not even stopping to take photos or blog! I created for my son's bear a sweater and hat ensemble. He spied camouflage yarn and Michaels, and immediately requested either a sweater for his bear or socks in the yarn. Being that it was acrylic yarn, I decided to go for the bear sweater. As usual, tonight when taking photos, Miss Kitty came running.

This was knit with some acrylic abomination, I've already lost the band. I knit it on size 9 needles, with the ribbing knitted on siz 7 needles. I used a book that has knits for kids and their teddies. The sizes weren't accurate for the bear and my gauge, so I knit it as I liked, but based the neck shaping on their pattern, which worked out quite nicely.

To accomodate his request, I did knit him some sorta-camo socks. I used Andes handpaints. These will felt like mad if I don't wash them carefully. They're tube socks, which is the best solution I've come up with for his difficult-to-fit feet that grow like mad. His ankles are really large. I knit the tops in broken rib, which I really liked with the yarn colours. The broken rib stretched generously over his ankles, but pulled in well to fit the leg. I switched to stockinette stitch for the foot, and once I was past the heel area, I put in a few decreases, to bring in the sock. Then I did a spiral toe so that the socks don't wear out in one specific spot.

These are the socks made for my husband. I finished them just a few minutes ago. I gave them to him, unfinished. When he picked up the package and felt what was inside, he asked, "You gave me some knitting?" These were knit with Trekking yarn on size 2 needles, with size 1 used for the toe and heel. I used the basket rib stitch, which looks simply lovely.

This is a shawl I made for an American Girl doll. I ran out of yarn before I could put on a nice border, and the shawl seems a little small. This is the microspun, and the yarn that was left over from making a dolly dress for my knitted babe.

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