Sunday, December 10, 2006


As of Friday at midnight I finished my quarter. No more school for the remainder of the month!

So much needed to be done, and there really wasn't much free time. I went to the gym on Monday at lunch, but for the rest of the week, for the first time this quarter (contrast that to nearly every lunch the last school year) I remained at my desk and did schoolwork right through my lunch hour. I also took Friday off and worked like a madwoman all day. The group project was submitted 2.5 hours before the deadline, and the solo one 1 hour before the deadline. Yeeeehaw!

Saturday was actually a pretty pleasant day at work, I sat in my quiet office all day, playing music and plowed through every paper on my desk, as well as a full cart of books. I even went to the gym for lunch, to which my body said "ABOUT TIME".

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