Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Taupe Dress

And here it is, the Inspired-by-Zeeda dress! It's not at all an attempt at a copy, it's an homage.

Like the prototype, it's a princess-seamed pattern from Alabama Chanin, designed for knits, with alterations and embellishments to the skirt. I cut two copies of the dress from the pattern, making a lining that had the main structure of the dress, but not the extra skirt action. Here's the inside:

Let me show you the back of the dress...

And the details of the side panels:

And how it looks where side meets front meets back:

And while we're looking at that side panel, here it is, worn.

Or you can tie it around your legs for more controlled skirt action while engaging in adventures.

 See? Adventure away!

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