Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Costume notes: River Song

What do you do with a taupe dress?

Dress up like River Song, of course!

Here's River.

And here's me.

I needed some accessories to go with the taupe dress.

I got some leather-like upholstery fabric at the fabric store and punched rows of holes in it with a knitting needle.

I used brass tacks to fasten it. Fastening 15 brass tacks around my middle took flippin' forever. Eventually I figured out that the middle column didn't all have to be fastened through both layers.

I used the remainders to sew up a a few pouches.

I do love any good excuse to add a snap, even if I had to hide it, since I didn't have a good colour.

I discovered that the fabric wouldn't feed through my sewing machine unless I used stabilzer under it, to give the feed dogs something to grip.

The pouches were all attached to a couple of thrift-store belts.

And of course I needed a screwdriver, which I received as a Christmas present. Thank you!

I have no skills with a curling iron, but gave it a shot for fun.

And we had a great time with our photo op. Hello, sweetie!

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