Saturday, January 03, 2015

Prototype Dress

So this starts with my interest in the All Saints Zeeda dress.

AllSaints dress

AllSaints dress (see more AllSaints)

I've been interested in making one. Except you can't make one. It's totally doolally. Someone bought the dress and counted and documented the seams in it, and there's 33 panels. I don't know how it even came together. Look at this thing:

But to try to replicate it isn't totally sane. So I'm doing an inspired-by dress instead. I chose a taupe cotton jersey, matching the colour but not the fabric. And then I did a prototype dress, to assess how my ideas would translate into actuality. I used a lavender interlock that I found in my sewing room, something I've had for years. I used an Alabama Chanin pattern, but machine stitched it.

And I added sleeves, in hopes that the prototype would be wearable. Who needs sleeveless midwinter??

I'm pretty happy with the results! I don't think I'll bother with the waist-band belt strip on the back. Although it's truer to the spirit of the original, the results aren't worth the effort.

The dress as shown isn't actually finished. The neckline is only staystitched. But it looks fine, and I haven't fixed it yet.

Also, the dress isn't actually lavender anymore, it's periwinkle. This is the result of an hour in Rit dye shade midnight blue, dip dyed. Yeah, the dip dye didn't show.

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