Saturday, January 31, 2015

Costume notes: Kaylee

Hey! It's Comic Con time again!

I did not go seeking a Kaylee costume. It came to me. I was in the thrift store, looking for old t-shirts to cut up (like always), and these green coveralls were hanging on a row end, out of place, right in front of me. I paused to google "Kaylee" to check their match, and while I was standing there, a man came and grabbed the coveralls and walked off with them. I kept an eye on him, and a few minutes later tracked him down in the store, and the coveralls weren't in his cart. It took some backtracking and seeking, but I found where he'd put them, and didn't let them out of my possession again.

The coveralls fit, but not very well. They were made for some one shorter and rounder than me. I chopped off the sleeves and used them to add a good three inches to the legs. This morning when I got dressed, I realized they were very barrel-chested, so I did a bit of last-minute tailoring to make the chest fit a little nicer.

The front zipper zips up from the crotch as well as down from the neck. This must be a man thing, and I find it hilarious in a totally juvenile way.

The patches came from etsy.  I was doing a lot of sewing leading up to this con, and hadn't had time to sew on the patches. So while I was putting on the finishing touches on my son's costume, he sewed on my patches.

Him: If I do them, they won't be all perfect. They'll be a little punk rock.
Me: Think about the character. Do you think she was a perfect seamstress?
Him: Well, she did appreciate pretty things.

This is Kaylee:

And here's me:

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