Saturday, December 31, 2011


Last Christmas, I gave my man some yarn for Christmas, and then made the socks in the coming weeks. Not too long ago, he mentioned that they were his favourite homemade socks, because they are so soft and comfortable. I said, "If you think those are soft, wait til I make you socks from Bugga!" but then I remembered I already had.

Hm. A quick search shows I never blogged those Bugga socks. Darnit!  But it turns out, he likes the Christmas socks even better than Bugga socks.

I decided to buy more of the yarn, which was when I discovered it was discontinued. I guess the Knitters didn't love that yarn as much as I did!  They still had some at discounted prices on their website. I'm not fond of yarn with white stripes, but I found 2 colourways that were husband-appropriate (one a rerun of what we've already done) and ordered them.

This year, I managed to cast on the socks on Christmas Eve. I knit on them all day, then tossed them into a gift bag before going to bed. He unwrapped the works-in-progress for Christmas and I just kept on knitting them. Last night I bound off, today I wove in ends, and they're already on his feet.

They are made completely identical to the previous pair. The colourway is pumpkin pie. The yarn is Vivace by Sweet Paprika and I wish it wasn't discontinued! It's 100% merino, and he's gotten a year's wear out of the first pair and they're still looking good.

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