Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pom pom makers! (and stuff)

Amy inquired about the pompom makers, and I have to say, they rock! I don't seem to make pompoms full enough or secure enough  when I do the cardboard-circle method. The makers might be gadgety, but I am a convert.

I made more hats...

The ballerina liked her brother's Jayne hat, and wanted one for herself, but in purple.  I've discovered that it's not easy finding really grape-koolaid-purple yarn, but finally found a nice bulky at a local store. The hat is huge and slouchy with a big old pompom. The yarn is Willa by Jupiter Moon Farm in the colourway Concord.

I've been trying to get a modeled photo, but I never can ask at the right time. And it's Nutcracker season, so the girl is hardly ever home! (and if she's home, she's asleep. Like now.)

Her hat was admired by the ballet-carpool buddy, so I made a second. The yarn is also Jupiter Moon Farm, but this time in Chadwick. I had to adjust the stitch count, because the yarn is worsted, but otherwise the hat is identical.  The gal really wanted white, which wouldn't have been my choice, ("It's going to get so grubby!") but I love how it looks.

Those hats took the biggest maker I have:

(I saw an even bigger one at the yarn store. I didn't buy it, but it would be fun.)

I also got the teeny-tiny pompom maker, because I must be an addict.

That was perfect for baby booties for a nephew's infant:

Compare to another pair of booties made a year ago with a cardboard pompom maker:

Well, I can see a difference.

The booties had a matching hat, which I made with the pattern Tricable from an ebooklet published by Wooly Wormheads.

The yarn is a worsted handdyed superwash merino I got from No Two Snowflakes.

It's so hard to know if baby things will fit, and if they'll fit at the same time! We got a lovely thank you note from the mama, and hope they managed to keep the little boy warm a few times.

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Amy said...

Yep, I'm convinced ... I'm going to have to go buy a pom pom maker. I can see a big difference in the two pair of booties!