Sunday, January 09, 2011

2010 went out with a stripey BANG

Hello, blogland. I'd like to show you the last projects of 2010.

First of all, socks for my mom. Finished but not mailed yet, sigh. Out of Knitpicks Felici Sportweight.

Secondly, socks for my dad. Also not mailed. Also out of Knitpicks Felici sportweight. This took the entire 2 skeins. The contrast toe and heels were out of necessity to ensure these fit a large man's foot.

And some anklets for the tween, made out of String Theory Entanglement, the colour custom-ordered from the dyer.

As a bonus, there was a wee pair of booties for a coworker's baby who will be arriving any day now. These were crafted out of the mystery mini-skeinlets I bought at a local yarn store. The pompoms are adorable, but I fully expect the momma will just cut them off, because they really do make the booties fiddly.

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