Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lunch Stuff

I have a deep dark secret. I privately long to be a lunch-time chef and artiste extraordinaire. Reality is much less entertaining. Reality is more like the kids slapping together a pb&j, while #1Man cuts up apples for them. But while reality is dim, I still peruse lunchtime cookbooks and purchase cute bento items. I have recently been exploring Jennifer McCann's books and blog.

Yesterday I made a batch of flautas. While I got the recipe from her book, it's actually available on her blog here. I cooked flautas until I ran out of refried beans. Surprisingly, that was only enough for three of us to try one each last night, and then the same three of us to take three for lunch. Poor #1Man didn't even get to try one.

Lunch was packaged with a generous container of salsa, a little cucumber-tomato salad, and some leftover white rice. After dipping the flautas in the delicious salsa, I mixed what salsa was left with the leftover rice, which was even more yumminess. Yay lunch!

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