Friday, September 11, 2009

Aquisitions--Gimmee gimmee Goth!

Yes, yes, I've muttered many times about how hard it is to buy Gothsocks anymore. Etsy-stalking is involved. It goes like this:

  • Update is scheduled for 10am
  • In the hours before, ponder what you really want. Make decisions in advance.
  • At 9:55, load all applicable pages in firefox. Log in to Etsy.
  • At 9:59, start hitting F5, watch for the pages to fill with yarn.
  • When you see a yarn you want, don't stop to think. Grab whatever it is you see that you know you want. Only one skein.
  • Checkout at top speed. Commit to buy the yarn.
  • If you're lucky, hooray!
  • If your yarn vanished from you, remove it from the cart.
  • Try other yarns, other pages. Do the same until the yarn is all gone.
  • By now it's probably 10:01. Go to the Gothsocks group on Ravelry and gloat about what you got, or whine about what you missed.

I managed to score 2 skeins a couple weeks ago. Evil Laugh was the top of my list, and I got it! Then I also managed Business Time. I am a fan of the Shades of Grey theme.

Stephanie, the yarn artiste, is kind enough to combine shipping costs, even when you purchase separately, or refund what you overpaid. The yarn arrived really fast, and it's as lovely as ever. I don't really spend my evenings petting this yarn. No, really.


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