Saturday, November 01, 2008

Red Fetching, finished

In my previous post about the fetching, Priscilla asked about the bindoff. (and thank you, I adore the colour, too.) This is a very appropriate question, as the original pattern calls for a picot bindoff, but few knitters seem to like that bindoff. In my previous attempt, I used a normal bindoff, and was rather unhappy with the final results.

So I did several modifications to the pattern, many similar to the ones described by Ina on Ravelry. To do the bindoff, I added a cable repeat, like she did, extending the length of the fetching a little. I then did one decrease in the middle of each group of four. You do a k2tog for the glove with the right-leaning cables, and a ssk for the left-leaning cables. Then I did an Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bindoff. The results are much neater than my previous pair. Unfortunately, the upper edge still curls a little, but not much when you're wearing them.

Pattern: fetching
Yarn: Peruvian yarn, an unspecified blend of wool, alpaca, and cotton
Needle: Size 6
Notes: Let me spell it out for myself...
I cast on, knit 3 rows in 4x1. Pattern says 4, this was a mistake, but I let it rest.

Did four cable repeats

Knit 26 rows of 4x1 rib.

On row 11, 13, 15, an 17, I increased twice in the first column of knit stitches. (Right leaning on right edge, left leaning on left edge.) This made a thumb gusset of 12 stitches.

After 26 rows, I moved the 12 stitches of the thumb gusset onto a separate needle.

Using 2 more size six needles and another ball of yarn, I cast on 4 stitches using a figure 8 cast on. Using the original ball, I knitted across the four stitches and on through the row. Using the new ball, I continued from the 4 stitches and knit around the thumb. I knit around about 5 times and cast off using the EZ cast off.

I knit four more rows, then 2 cable rows. Then I knitted 3 more rows. On the fourth, I decreased once in each group, then did an EZ sewn bindoff


Priscilla said...

Thank you so much for sharing your notes. I am going to print them out and put them with my copy of the pattern for the next time I make a pair.

Knitika said...

That scares me. I don't have confidence in my coherence. :) I hope your next pair turns out to your satisfaction!