Saturday, November 08, 2008

Onion dome hat--Finished object

On Thursday, I was looking through my yarns, contemplating my next project(s). It occurred to me that I was two days away from meeting with our knitting group, and didn't have anything to donate. I grabbed a remnant ball of yarn (from my wavy socks) and started knitting, top down.

I probably should have done a few less increases, because I ran out of yarn before the hat looked finished. The first time I looked at my stash, I couldn't find anything that looked harmonious with this yarn. But when my coworker was amazed that this yarn was NOT the yarn I used for Jeanie, I realized I had the perfect complementary yarn.

I knit like mad, but I was still working on it at the knitting circle today. And while I finished it there, it was TIME TO GO and I still had to weave in the ends. So I'll hand it over for donation a little later.

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