Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finished Object

I have special knitting plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. However, I won't be able to knit them guilt-free if I'm not finished with--or nearly so--the gifts for my parents. I allocated my Dream in Colour Classy for the gifts, and first knit the fetching. It was finished up yesterday afternoon, ends woven and all. (I don't like this picture, you can't see the lovely colours. If I can get better pictures, I will.)

I weighed the yarn. The fetchings weighed 60 grams, and the yarn left weighed 70 grams. I started on the dashing, and when I was half way through the first dashing, I weighed what yarn was left. I had 50 grams left. As I had half still remaining, my best math was telling me that I didn't have enough yarn to finish a pair of dashings. SIGH.

So today I diverted our afternoon walk to the yarn store that opened up recently. I purchased some emergency Cascade and will start over on the dashing.

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