Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Edging Jeanie

So I'm home from work with a sick little girl again. The silver lining might be time to knit on Jeanie, except I feel wicked saying that, because really, I just would rather her be better. We curled up on the couch together, listening to Bridge Over Troubled Water (She digs Cecilia) and Flyer
(she digs Time of Inconvenience) and knit for a while--she put down her knitting a lot sooner than I did. Knitting's a good distraction, though not a cure, for those maternal worries like "Why is she running a fever again?" and "Should I send her to that mandatory rehearsal?".

I've been edging Jeanie. This involves knitting a cable band parallel to the edge and joining it with the live stitches. I tried to take a photo to illustrate the insanity that is knitting with four different needles--holding needle for resting live stitches, 2 LIME GREEN double points for the active stitches, plus a cable needle for all that mad cabling--but the pictures are far more illegible than the reality.

All that's left now is to graft the final 8 stitches, weave in ends, make sure all the stitches are dropped, and blocking. Unfortunately, grafting didn't look so good with the lower edging, and I'm hesitant to proceed. I'm sure I will, though!

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