Sunday, October 26, 2008


Jeanie is all but finished. Only 13 rows of knitting remain, plus the edging, finishing, and blocking. I keep distracting myself with smaller, more attainable projects. More on those, later.

I knew I wanted to have proper blocking wires for Jeanie. There are blocking wires at, but frankly, I've already spent a lot of money on Jeanie, and spending another $30 for blocking wires (plus shipping, or purchasing more for free shipping) just wasn't sitting right.

I searched ravelry for more information about using welding rods, and found the exact info I needed, so I could walk into a welding supply store and tell them just what I wanted. I was just working up my courage to actually go to the welding store. I was thinking I'd spend about $10.

I saw on ravelry that had blocking wires for $17. I went to look, but spending $6.99 made it so that I wasn't saving much money, anyway. I returned to the welding store plan.

A couple hours later, I got an email from that offered free shipping on a $25 purchase. Good timing on their part! I searched the site, thinking carefully of what exactly I wanted to buy at JoAnn's anyway. I finally recalled my elastic needs. I tossed some elastic thread and some lingerie elastic into my cart, getting the total to about $25.04, I think, and ordered. My wires and elastic arrived yesterday. So I guess I'd better finish up Jeanie!

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