Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jeanie Report, no pictures

Okay, tonight Jeanie measures 59"! I'm well on track to making it to 66" (or more) by this weekend, and then I can edge her, finish her, and block her. I have managed to adhere to, and sometimes exceed, my knitting goal all week. Except Friday. So on Friday, I was glancing at the books on our delete/discard shelf. I picked up this Jodi Picoult book that I totally didn't want to read. Unimaginable violence in teens tearing apart happy families. Yeah, don't wanna go there. So then of course I started reading it, except that I was at work and I couldn't read it. Instead of knitting, I read all through lunch hour, and then again that evening. I had imagined a cozy evening of reading and knitting, both, but then one thing after the other had me in and out of the car all night, and just a few stolen moments of reading until late evening. Fortunately I finished it, and enjoyed it, even, so I could get back to knitting the rest of the weekend. When Busy Mama had a few moments to herself, anyway.

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