Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sock Wars: The Official Story

It started on January 15th, with the pattern release at 6pm local time. I had my Cocoa Beach Sock Yarn in the colourway "Shuffle off the Mortal Coil", and I started knitting immediately.

a cake of blue yarn with needles stuck in

Okay, I didn't actually knit myself into the ground. I went to pick up some curry that evening, and the next morning I went with the family for a nice crisp morning winter walk. But on the other hand, I wouldn't let the family stop for tea without my knitting, and made everyone return to the car for knitting before getting tea.

blue socks on blockers

On Sunday afternoon, I had finished the heels and gussets, and was knitting my way towards the toes. Thus began "the long dark teatime of the sock". After zipping through the socks, I couldn't make it through the foot. I was bored, uninterested, and through with Sock Wars. I finally stuck in my Star Wars Special Features DVD, and after that, Arsenic and Old Lace. Before the end of the movie, my socks were done. With Monday being a US holiday, I took my time boxing them up, and got them in the mail on Tuesday, first thing in the morning. They have to travel to Australia, and my target isn't out until they arrive.

blue socks on blockers

As part of Sock Wars, not only do I have a target, but I also have an assassin gunning for me. I went on the assumption that I would be safe until Thursday, assuming that no one could get socks complete in time to get them in the mail before then. But when I got home on Tuesday, I found an anonymous box in the mail, with the ominous message "BANG!" I announced to my family that I was officially out of Sock Wars.

an open box showing knitting and a hand-lettered

But then I opened up the "death socks" only to be mystified by the two ends as I unpacked... "these aren't socks". It slowly dawned on me. I'd been punked! Ember sent me a lively and gorgeous cowl, to keep me warm and also to stop my heart. Thanks Ember!

female looking away wearing a hand-knitted pastel cabled cowl

My reprieve was short-lived. On Thursday, yet another box arrived in the mail. This time, there really were "death socks" inside. Killed by raspberry-lemonade socks! I'm out of Sock Wars, but I'm still awaiting confirmation of my weapons' arrival in Australia.

close up of yellow and pink socks on the feet of someone lying on the ground

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Amy said...

lol, love your dead pose in the last picture. And how fun to get an added bonus of the cowl?

As for the rag quilts, I read online today that cotton works just as well as flannel, although flannel makes a softer blanket.