Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Monochromatic works in progress

I have finished one St. Peter Port Stripe sock, though I made the toe rounder than the instructions recommended. The fit is a little awkward. Yet I knit on. Well, I did. But last night I decided I had to progress on a pair of mittens I started months ago--I have no clue when. I ripped them out yet again and finally got a pattern I liked. Just today I probably ripped them out 6 times, although not every time was all the way back to the beginning. Hopefully my notes will be sufficient for mitten #2.

These projects are so lacking in colour! The balls of yarn amuse me, such a monochromatic heap.

While I knit in shades of grey, my Dream in Colour is calling my name. (Mom? Dad? If you've infiltrated this blog, stop reading now. okay?) Amy asked what I'm knitting with it. I have two balls of Smooshy earmarked for parental Christmas socks, pattern as yet undetermined. Then there are 2 balls of Classy, a worsted weight, because I love having Classy sitting around to play with. I'm thinking mittens. Or a hat. Or baby socks, mittens, and hat. Or.....

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