Saturday, May 09, 2009

What she found

Today, after all her Saturday obligations, my #1grrl, aka MiniMe, arrived home wanting to enjoy the many yard sales she'd seen out there. She grabbed her bike and headed out to see what she could find. I told her that if she saw any tank tops--and showed her an example--for 25 cents, to grab them for me. She found a camisole for 50 cents and brought it home.

Although it doesn't suit my original purpose, it has a nice row of pale green stretch lace. Thing is, stretch lace has suddenly become hard to get. None of the local (chain) fabric stores are carrying it. I'm baffled by this. Earlier this spring, I made her a pair of green leggings. Sadly, they're way too big and won't fit for a year or two. The good news is, I can recycle the stretch lace from the above top to the cuffs of these leggings. Hooray!

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