Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun with pants

Ever since I made the little supergrrl diaper, I've had a pair of pink sleeves sitting around my sewing room. I was scared to work on them, worried that I'd "ruin" them. This weekend I got over my worries and started cutting. I used a homesewn pair of pants my daughter wore as a toddler for my guide.

The results? Pants!

And... Ever since sewing up my quickie mittens, I've had a sweater body sitting around my sewing room. Last night I similarly mustered my courage and started cutting. I used the template created by cutting out the pink pants.

I actually couldn't cut them the way I normally would, with the bum waistband higher than the front waistband, because of the stripes.

The results are a little awkward, and it remains to see if they'll fit a real live baby. If so, they should be good over a cloth diaper, being 100% felted wool.

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Alice said...

That dress is lovely - I'm really here though because I wanted to say thanks for the amazing comment you left on my blog post about online knitting.

Early 1990s online cloth diaper communities. Wonderful! ... and I used to use google image search too, pre-ravelry. I know a couple of people had been talking about flickr-linked e-zine competitors to knitty, but ravely got there first and made it somewhat unnecessary - I guess in some ways, ravelry was waiting to happen.