Sunday, March 16, 2008


Woohoo! I am now the proud owner of a digital scale! The application possibilities for this item are endless. First of all, we can determine that one Hiiumaa sock weighs 38 grams, and the remaining yarn weighs 43 grams. So I know now I can safely make one more Hiiumaa.

We could also determine that one Frogtastic Surf Sock weighs 34 grams, while each remaining ball weighs 55 grams. Therefore, quite a tall sock can be made with the remaining yarn! Also, clearly, I only needed one ball for a pair.

Most fascinating to me has been the ways my #1Grrl finds to use it. For example, she decided to determine the mass of marker ink, although she didn't quite articulate it that way. So she weighed a wooden craft stick (aka non-sterile tongue depressor) and then coloured the heck outta that stick and weighed it again. To her delight, the weight had increased by one gram!

Then we weighed a roll of quarters. One roll is 40 quarters and a value of $10. The roll weighed 228 grams. A single quarter weighed 6 grams. Using our math, we determined that based on weight, the roll probably held 38 quarters, or $9.50. Then we counted the quarters, and discovered that it did indeed hold the proper quantity of 40. This spawned plenty more measuring and the conclusion that... We need a more accurate scale. We've not even had it a day and it's already obsolete!

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