Sunday, April 29, 2007

We call this attention deficit disorder...

... also known as the "oooh, shiny!" symptom. This morning, instead of cleaning, instead of doing homework, instead of working on any of a zillion knitting projects, I made a bunny!

I also note that my blog is at 1000 visitors exactly right now. Ooh la la.

Lastly I finally was able to pick up Burning Bright last night, though I only got through a few pages before reality smacked me upside the head again. I realized I'd listed the wrong author as the subject of the book in my previous post about this book. How embarrassing! It's fixed now. Equally funny is the fact that no one called me on it. I blame grad school for ruining my brain and causing me to make errors that would embarrass any librarian.

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randi K design said...

Hi! The bunny is cute, sitting in the Tulip!
Thanks for visiting me again!