Sunday, August 04, 2013

Making it fit!

So, I married a slim man. A very slim man. So slim that even in his mid-forties, he's still able to fit into boyswear. It's actually becoming more and more challenging for him to find pants that fit, as the stores cater to a larger public. There are several stores that just don't carry his size anymore.

I also had a very slim childhood. Then I had kids, and we don't need to discuss further. But the outcome of this is, we have very slim children. Gothboy similarly has a tough time finding skinny jeans that actually fit skinny. (When our house was burgled last fall and we discovered several of his pairs of skinny pants missing, we were mystified. Not many humans could fit into those pants. Our insurance agent swore the culprit must be a friend of the kids, based on that one piece of information. Later we found out the suspect was fifteen years old, which made more sense.) And our ballerina girl stays remarkably fit, naturally remaining very slim.

So when shopping recently, she found a dress she liked, but it just didn't fit perfectly. It was just so cute, but too baggy.

To the sewing room! I bought some black satin ribbon to make loops, but when I got it open, it turned out to be velvet. Oops! I stitched the edges, hoping to minimize fraying, and then sewed a line of loops on both sides of the back of the dress.

She picked out a darkly purple ribbon for laces, and we laced her into the dress.

Check it out! It fits!

I don't sew as much as I used to, but it's sure nice to be able to fix things when needed!

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Rebecca S. said...

That's an awesome adjustment to the dress! I am sorry you were burgled. Yuck. We were just today shopping for skinny jeans for my skinny daughter today. They weren't quite skinny enough, so it's off to Old Navy again, I guess, for 'ultra skinny long' ones.